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Can You Use Crypto on Amazon?

Can You Use Crypto on Amazon?

Explore how to leverage cryptocurrencies for Amazon purchases with our insightful guide. Learn about innovative solutions like Coinsbee gift cards, Moon, and Purse.io that allow you to seamlessly integrate crypto into your Amazon shopping experience. Discover the convenience, flexibility, and security considerations of using digital currencies on the world’s largest online marketplace, making your crypto assets more accessible for everyday purchases. This article breaks down barriers for crypto enthusiasts, offering practical tips for a smooth transition from digital to tangible shopping.

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Cryptocurrencies are reshaping the way we shop online, and many are wondering, “can you use crypto on Amazon?”.

While Amazon itself does not directly accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, there are innovative methods to make crypto payments on the platform.

With this article from us at Coinsbee – supplier of voucher cards bought with crypto – we’ll uncover how you can leverage digital currencies to shop on Amazon and discuss the benefits and considerations of these methods.

Does Amazon Accept Crypto?

Amazon, as one of the largest online retailers globally, has not yet implemented direct crypto payments.

The lack of direct support for cryptocurrencies may seem surprising given the growing adoption of digital currencies.

However, the rapidly evolving crypto ecosystem has provided alternative paths to enable crypto enthusiasts to buy their desired products using digital currencies.

Let’s explore some of these options in detail.

How to Pay with Crypto on Amazon

Direct crypto payments may not be an option on Amazon, but creativity and innovation have made it possible to translate digital currency into tangible purchases.

Below, we explore three popular solutions:

Coinsbee Gift Cards

Coinsbee offers a wide range of digital gift cards bought with crypto that can be purchased with cryptocurrencies; here’s how to use it:

  1. Select Amazon Gift Card

Choose the Amazon gift card option on Coinsbee.

  1. Pay with Crypto

Select your preferred cryptocurrency to complete the purchase.

  1. Receive and Redeem

Get the digital gift card code and redeem it on Amazon.

Coinsbee brings the convenience of using multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, to shop on Amazon; this method offers a seamless transition from cryptocurrency to a spendable gift card, breaking down barriers for crypto users.


Moon is a browser extension that facilitates the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on Amazon through the Lightning Network; here’s how:

  1. Install Moon Extension

Add the Moon extension to your browser.

  1. Link Your Wallet

Connect a supported cryptocurrency wallet.

  1. Shop and Pay

Browse Amazon, add products to your cart, and select the Moon option at checkout.

Moon’s integration with Amazon streamlines the payment process, offering crypto enthusiasts a novel way to spend their digital currency directly.


Purse.io offers a unique approach, allowing users to buy Amazon products with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash; here’s a quick glance over the process:

  1. Create an Account

Sign up on Purse.io.

  1. Browse Amazon Products

Add Amazon products to your Purse.io wish list.

  1. Pay with Bitcoin

Choose your discount level and make the payment.

Purse.io’s platform not only enables crypto payments but often provides discounts; this marketplace has created an enticing incentive for Bitcoin holders to spend their digital coins on Amazon products.

Considerations When Using Crypto on Amazon


When using these methods to pay with crypto on Amazon, always prioritize security – ensure the platforms and extensions are legitimate and follow best practices in terms of encryption and user data protection.

Transaction Fees

Consider transaction fees that might be applicable when buying gift cards or using third-party services; these fees may vary depending on the method and the cryptocurrencies involved.

Accessibility and Convenience

Evaluate the ease of use and accessibility of the platform; options like Coinsbee gift cards offer a wide range of denominations and cryptocurrencies, enhancing flexibility.

The Future of Crypto on Amazon

While Amazon does not accept crypto directly, the ongoing growth and innovation in the crypto space suggest that this might change in the future.

Amazon’s potential embrace of cryptocurrencies could have far-reaching implications for e-commerce and further legitimize digital currencies as a payment method.

In Conclusion

The question, “can you use crypto on Amazon?” may not have a direct “yes” answer, but the options for bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and Amazon purchases are growing; these innovative solutions pave the way for crypto adoption in everyday online shopping.The integration of crypto payments and platforms like Amazon may only be a matter of time – until then, solutions like Coinsbee’s gift cards, Moon’s browser integration, and Purse.io’s marketplace offer valuable and convenient ways to enjoy your digital assets in a world still adapting to the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrencies.

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